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Sylvan Learning offers subject-based tutoring for K-12 students in need of academic support. Through the guidance of trained and qualified tutors, children receive help in areas including math, reading, writing, test-taking, SAT* or ACT? prep, and homework.

Since 1979, Sylvan Learning has been a leader in the education industry. Our centers bring children a variety of resources to help improve their performance in school. Sylvan Learning centers provide more than just tutoring services ? our educational programs focus on giving your child the confidence needed to achieve inside and outside the classroom.

We believe that all children have the potential to succeed in school. Sylvan Learning works to make this possible.

In addition to tutoring services for students, Sylvan Learning communicates with parents to ensure your child is improving skills. You can view periodic progress reports to see how far your child has come. Sylvan also provides parents with educational newsletters full of ideas and hints on your child's learning.

We believe parents play an essential role in a child's education. There are a variety of simple activities for you and your child that provide enrichment beyond the classroom. From improving reading skills to algebraic comprehension, the opportunities to learn never stop.