With Sanchez Out, ECISD Board Must Find Replacement Interim Superintendent

With Sanchez Out, ECISD Board Must Find Replacement Interim Superintendent

ECISD Board named Chief Business Officer Brian Moersch as acting superintendent during search for interim superintendent
ODESSA -- The ECISD School Board held a special meeting Monday night to vote Dr. H.T. Sanchez to be their lone finalist for Superintendent.

With Sanchez taking the Tucson job, they quickly changed gears to name an acting superintendent to maintain district operations while they find a new interim superintendent.

It was made clear this weekend that Dr. Sanchez would no longer be an option to ECISD.

"At that point, they knew that they had the opportunity to now know what direction the district could move for," Board President Ray Beaty said.

Dr. Sanchez took the roughly $211,000 annual salary offer to be the superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District.

While it's bittersweet for some district employees, there's no shortage of support for Dr. Sanchez.

"Well, I'm excited for him," new Assistant Superintendent Roy Garcia said, "I know it's something he's always wanted and i wish him the best."

"I congratulate Tucson, they got a great leader. He's going to do great things for them and i wish him the best," Acting Superintendent Brian Moersch added.

That left the board needing to name someone in the interim.

They met Monday night and decided to name Brian Moersch, Chief Business Officer, as acting superintendent.

Asked about how he felt about the decision, Moersch said it was great they picked somebody from the district's leadership team for continuity and stability purposes.

Moersch will be in charge of day to day operations while the board continues it's search for an interim superintendent to take over while they search for a long-term superintendent.

We asked Moersch if he had any interest in either of those titles.

"Absolutely not," was Moersch's short reply.

In terms of the long term search, community members want to make sure that continuity and collaboration from the Mendez and Sanchez regimes are carried over.

"Someone who does not come in with the idea that 'I have all the answers and we'll do it my way.' We've had those kind and it does not work very well," retired teacher Chuck Isner said.

The next step is to find a search firm to begin looking for an interim superintendent.

The board hopes to bring in some search firms next week, but there's no timetable on when a superintendent will be found.

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