West Texas MVP Week Three: Permian Defense

West Texas MVP Week Three: Permian Defense

The MOJO winning its first game was a big deal, but creating six turnovers and holding the Abilene Eagles scoreless after the first quarter was even bigger.

Last week, the 0-and-3 Permian Panthers squared up against the reigning district champion Abilene Eagles.

Down 14-0 in the first quarter, facing a recent all-too familiar feeling, the Panthers defense did some soul searching, and reached within to find their inner MOJO.

“Just the experience of losing and we just hated the feeling of it and we said ‘It’s not gonna turn out like the last few games,'" said sophomore safety Jax Welch.

And held the Eagles scoreless creating 6 turnovers along the way.

“We made good plays to give the offense the ball," said sophomore linebacker Josh Nguyen.

“And we just came together and people made plays and people whooped the opponents tail, honestly," said Welch.

Permian did just that, and avoided making infamous history, and from here out, they have to just trust the process.

“It’s great, you know," said Permian secondary coach Vance Washington, "the whole deal is it’s a process. It’s a building process. We’ve got a lot of young kids. A lot of kids that don’t have varsity experience, so it’s a building process every day. We work at it every day – the same things and after that happens then you do feel good and feel relieved.”

Relieved, yes, but with six games remaining, there’s still much work to be done in MOJO country.

“One thing we’ve got to do is to continue to go to work each and every day and every time we step on that practice field with the intent of improving and getting better," said Permian head coach Blake Feldt.

Reporting from Odessa Matthew Villanueva Big 2 Sports

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