West Texas MVP Week Seven: Aaron Castillo

West Texas MVP Week Seven: Aaron Castillo

A 252 yard, six touchdown game performance will get you West Texas MVP honors any day -- six-man football or not.

In six man football, scoring is expected, and lots of It, but when Aaron Castillo got the rock against Rotan he let his presence felt with a 252 yard six touchdown game

“I’ve been in it for a long time," said Rankin head coach Kevin Ray, "so I’ve seen some good performances. This was definitely one of the best.”

Coming off a bye week, Castillo felt rejuvenated coming into the game – and felt a big time performance a brewing.

“Coming into practice Monday, I just felt that my legs were feeling fresh (and it) felt like I just got some new legs," said senior running back/ linebacker Aaron Castillo. "That open week really did us really good, because we were all rested up and ready to go this week. We were ready to pop.”

To fuel his motivation, Castillo watches highlights of Adrian Peterson before every game and tries to emulate his idol carry by carry

“I like the fact that he doesn’t walk out of bounds whenever there’s like six guys coming at him. He just lowers his shoulder and gets as much yards as he can get," said Castillo.

“The more carries he gets, said Ray, "the stronger he gets, because he’s a big physical kid.”

Not only is Castillo Rankin’s biggest scoring and defensive threat, he’s also the team’s heart and soul.

“He has a really great attitude towards football," said senior defensive lineman Logan Templeton, and he loves it.”

“When he gets out there, it’s a completely different team when he’s not on the field versus when he is on the field," said Ray.

For Aaron, it’s all about the love of the game, and his last year playing high school ball.

“Knowing that it’s my senior year," said Castillo, "it’s a lot of emotion and that’s what I like about it and I mean it’s the game that I love and prepared for for a long time and it’s just rewarding in my life.

And the way the 7-0 Red Devils have been playing this year, another stellar performance like this is not farfetched.

“Definitely, he’ll have a better performance than that too," said Templeton, "I know he will. He’s just an athlete.”

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