West Texas MVP Week Eight: Mikorban Fields

West Texas MVP Week Eight: Mikorban Fields

Breaking two Permian single-game records, Mikorban Fields was the no-brainer choice for the winner of Week 8 West Texas MVP.

The Permian Panthers playoffs started last Friday night in a must-win game against the Abilene Cooper Cougars – and senior Mikorban Fields had a night to remember as he rewrote the record book…

“Mikorban had a great night Friday night," said Permian head coach Blake Feldt, "there’s no doubt about that.”

“It was just one of those things where everything just worked out for us the way we wanted it to and just kept taking chances and it worked out in our favor," said senior offensive weapon Fields.

Fields became the first Panther to have six touchdowns in a game and also the first to rush and receive for over 100 yards each and running back isn't even his primary position

“He really plays slot, so we had to bring him in because Justin Hall was injured, so he came in and did a good job at the M back," said Permian running backs coach Kirk Thurman.

“I’m a every position kind of guy," said Fields. "I just go wherever the team needs me to be. I go out there to be the best I can and be efficient"

Efficient is exactly what he is, regardless of the position he plays

“He can run and he can also catch and he can also block so he’s a well-rounded back," said Thurman.

“Everytime Mikorban touches the ball, said Feldt, "he does a great job running. He’s a tough, hard-nosed player."

And with the game on the line, it was Fields who ended up with the ball..

“At the end of the game, he’s the one that recovered that onside kick," said Feldt.

A self-described loner who would rather play videogames at home than go out, Fields is a happy-go-lucky kid who’s always smiling

"He’s always got a smile on his face," said Thurman. "Even if he mess(es) up on something, he’s coming back and I chew him out and he’s still got that smile and it frustrates me too. When I’m trying to get onto him and he’s smiling I’m like, ‘Are you listening son?’”

But don’t think for one second that he isn’t… as he’s ready to give it his all these final two games remaining

“Oh I’m gonna give it all I got," said Fields. "I always give 100 percent.”

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