WEB EXTRA: Mickey Talks Defense, Running Backs and Ogletree

WEB EXTRA: Mickey Talks Defense, Running Backs and Ogletree

Mickey gives us an update on Jay Ratliff, DeMarcus Ware, Felix Jones and the future of Kevin Ogletree.
Mickey on defensive injuries:

    Jay Ratliff is not doing quite as well as DeMarcus Ware. He hasn't been able to practice anytime this week so it looks like he's probably going to miss the Seattle game. They're pointing towards the home opener against Tampa Bay to possibly have him ready to go.
    DeMarcus Ware really didn't get any worse against the Giants, I think they're just trying to get him as much rest between games. He's practiced on a limited basis, but I would imagine they'll at least list him as questionable and maybe probable for the game against Seattle.

Mickey on Felix Jones:

    The idea on Felix Jones going into the season opener was to use him on kickoff returns, which they did, and use him on their nickel offense package; he would be the running back on third down situations.

    Going into the Seattle game, I would imagine the idea is the exact same thing: use him on kickoff returns and third down situations.

Mickey on whether or not Kevin Ogletree is the real deal:

    The thing about Kevin Ogletree is he's never been consistent while he's been in Dallas. He's spent three seasons here, and he would flash and then he would disappear. They've got to find out if this is another flash. Now, it was a big flash, the best game he's ever had in his NFL career, but it was also the biggest opportunity he had.

    Now, can he be consistent? Can he do this again? If the defense dictates the ball goes to him, can he continue to run the proper route and catch the ball with consistency? I think that's what we'll find out going forward.
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