Warm temperatures Followed by Dramatic Cold Front 12-1-13

Warm temperatures Followed by Dramatic Cold Front 12-1-13

The next few days temperatures will soar into the upper 70s, but a cold front will bring us a chance of snow/sleet.

We are welcoming the month of December with above-average temperatures.

The next few days we will be under a zonal weather pattern - that's winds out of the west. That brings us warmer, drier air that will have our temperatures soaring between 70-77 degrees for Monday through Wednesday.

Then, we're in store for some dramatic changes. We're tracking a cold front that, right now, is timing to move through our area early Thursday. The timing of this could fluctuate as we get closer.

Here's what all this could mean:

Evening/night showers on Wednesday night (20%). Colder temperatures on Thursday (49 degrees) with rain. The rain could then turn to sleet or snow or a mix as surface temperatures drop into the 20s. Cold air remains on Friday with a high of 35, and then our coldest temperature expected of the season with an overnight low of 17.

Again, that's what the timing is looking like now, but the Big 2 Weather team will continue to evaluate the frontal passage

November Recap:

Highest Temperature: 81 (Nov. 16)

Lowest Temperature: 27 (Nov. 13)

Cold Blast: 81 Hours below freezing (3AM Nov. 22 - Noon Nov. 25)

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