UPDATE: Crews Working Large Grass Fire In Big Spring Near Refinery

UPDATE: Crews Working Large Grass Fire In Big Spring Near Refinery

A fire that burned in Big Spring near the Alon refinery is almost fully contained according to fire crews.

BIG SPRING -- A large fire is burning in Big Spring near the Alon refinery.

Crews are working to battle the blaze but because the fire is within brush and deep sand, fire fighters are having a tough time maneuvering around it. There are no roads that lead to certain parts of the fire, so they're working to keep it contained.

Strong winds are picking up and changing direction, adding to the fight to contain the fire.

Earlier in the afternoon, the fire looked to be around 80 percent contained. That containment went down to 50 percent  toward the end of the afternoon, according to assistant chief Pepper Sullivan, because of the winds pushing the flames over the fire blocks.

Storms in the area may also cause dry lightning strikes to contribute to creating more fires.

Sullivan says if this continues, crews may have to pull back resources to defend homes and Alon refinery.

At this time, there are no structures or homes in critical danger.

As of 10 p.m. Sunday, the fire is 95 percent contained.

Officials say there are a few hot spots in the middle that will smolder over night, but crews will remain there to keep a close watch.

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