UPDATE: Andrews Legalized The Sale of Alcohol

UPDATE: Andrews Legalized The Sale of Alcohol

The City of Andrews has been dry for decades, but tonight that changed.

UPDATE: Proposition one, which dealt with the sale of mixed beverages in restaurants passed, 53% for  and 47% against. Meaning restaurants with a valid TABC license will be able to sell beer, malt liquor, wine and distilled spirits.

Proposition two addressed the sale of alcoholic beverages at grocery and convenience stores, passed 52% for and 48% against.

ANDREWS -- The City of Andrews has been dry for decades, but tonight that could change. Two propositions are on the ballot to legalize alcohol sales in restaurants, along with in grocery and convenience stores.

In three different elections officials say Andrews’s voters have rejected the idea of legalizing the sale of alcohol, but supporters who want to make Andrew’s wet say this election is different.

“Just think that we have more people coming out to vote for it, than we did last time," said Andrew’s Resident Wayland Durham.

Wayland Durham says that the legalization of the sale of alcohol in Andrews will bring more money into the community, and help it grow.

"It's just more taxes and stuff and maybe keep more people in our restaurants at home instead of driving to other towns," said Wayland Durham.

Keep Andrews Dry, an organization trying to do just that, says the legalization of alcohol sales will change the community of Andrews.

“I am concerned about child abuse, domestic violence, I'm talking about a wreck in the streets," said Spokesperson for Keep Andrews Dry, Glenn Hammack.

Glenn Hammack says Andrews is a community of high morals, and he wants it to stay that way.

"We're wanting to keep the streets of Andrews Safe, and keep our children and grandchildren safe," said Glenn Hammack.

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