TXDOT Wants Your Opinion On How To Improve FM-1788

TXDOT Wants Your Opinion On How To Improve FM-1788

TXDOT is concerned about some areas of FM-1788.

MIDLAND -- TXDOT is concerned about some areas of FM-1788.

The department is asking for your opinion on how to improve the road. They'll be holding a public meeting Tuesday evening.

Crashes, injuries, and sometimes fatalities aren't uncommon on 1788.

Many people want that to change.

"Probably change, you know, the exits and stuff like that because that's where most of the danger is, especially in the icy weather and stuff," Jose Rodriquez said.

The biggest thing people I spoke with want is better traffic control.

They say there's much more traffic on the road then there used to be.

"There's a lot of traffic going down there through the oilfields," Jacob Whalen said. "I work in the oilfield myself. So I see a lot of traffic, a lot of trucks go down there. People passing on distances that aren't really safe."

Gene Powell of TXDOT says making driving on 1788 safer is certainly on their radar.

Tuesday's meeting will focus on mostly the intersection near the I-20 onramp.

"There's a possibility of putting concrete medians there to avoid people crossing the road," Powell said.

That would force people to only turn right, and Powell says reducing the options drivers have could also reduce the accident rate.

"The thought of having a concrete median out there would mean whenever you come out of one of those businesses, you have to turn right, and that reduces conflict points for the public," Powell said.

Powell says there is already some funding for this particular project, and he's hoping to get started as soon as they can.

If you would like to participate, hear TXDOT's proposals for the intersection, and offer your own input, the meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday night at the CEED building just off FM-1788.

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