TxDOT Launches "Click It Or Ticket" Campaign

TxDOT Launches "Click It Or Ticket" Campaign

If you don't wear your seat belt you could be looking at a hefty fine next week since TxDOT will be launching their 12th annual "Click it or Ticket" campaign. Jenne Anderson Reports.
PERMIAN BASIN-- When it comes to seat belts, local police officers say they're cracking down.

"If you're not wearing your seat belt you're going to get a ticket," explained Ector County Judge Susan Redford.

Next week marks TxDOT's 12th annual "Click it or Ticket" campaign, which means law enforcement all across Texas will be looking out for seat belt violators.

"Don't do it for us, or out of fear of receiving a ticket," said Odessa Police Chief Timothy Burton. "Do it for yourself!"

"It doesn't matter if you're going around the corner to your store, or if you're going 10 miles away;" said Judge Redford. "Always wear your seat belt!"

Redford tells us that this year's campaign is especially crucial for the Permian Basin, who recently saw a drastic increase in deaths from people not wearing a seat belt.

"We saw that over the past year that 25 of our citizens of the Permian Basin lost their lives in traffic accidents simply because they were not wearing a seat belt," said Redford. "That's 25 too many."

The message isn't just for adults; TxDOT says the impact on a child involved in a crash tends to be greater than anyone else in the vehicle.

"To put them in that situation without a seat belt, or without a proper safety seat, you're just not doing your job as a parent," stated Redford.

If caught without a seat belt drivers could face a fine up to $200.

But TxDOT says it's not about the ticket; it's about staying safe on the road.

"This simple act will save your life and your children's life in the event of something you can't predict," said Chief Burton.

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