The Slow Warm Up Continues 11-26-13

The Slow Warm Up Continues 11-26-13

The upper 40's will prevail today with plenty of sun

We'll have plenty of sun through the day and that will help temperatures climb to near 50 degrees in most spots.

A few areas will be around 51 with some southern Trans-Pecos locations actually reaching 55.

Midland/Odessa will settle in around 49 and 47.


Another freeze overnight as temperatures drop back into the mid 20's.

Any water left on the roads could freeze, but after today most of it should have evaporated or run off the roadways.

Still though, be careful on the roads tomorrow morning.


A little bit warmer with temperatures in the lower to mid 50's across the area.

Look for about 52 through Midland/Odessa.


Highs will climb into the upper 50's during the day, with morning lows staying above freezing for the first time this week.

The sun will be shining, so all in all, a pretty nice Turkey Day for us.


It gets even better as we head into Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The sun will continue to shine and temperatures will climb into the lower 60's Friday, mid-60's Saturday and upper 60's Sunday.

It looks to stay dry through the forecast period.
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