The Love of a Job

The Love of a Job

Coming into work at 5:30 in the morning, before the sun is even up, is something Driver looks forward too.
ODESSA-- The Love of a Job

Loyce driver loves her job...And that's not something a lot of people can honestly say.

"Oh, I love this job, I love this job," said Loyce Driver.

Coming into work at 5:30 in the morning, before the sun is even up, is something driver looks forward too.

"I love the early mornings, I love working with children," Driver said.

Which is why driving a bus full of young elementary kids is her job of choice.

Driver started driving school buses when she had children.

She says she wanted a job that would allow her to still spend time with her kids..being at work while they were at school and being on break when they were on break.

"It's a good way to be with your kids," Driver said.

And no high paying oil field job could make her walk away.

This will be Driver's 27th year driving children to and from school and she still enjoys watching the sunrise, every time.

"We have some drivers that started transporting students when they were in kindergarten and transported them all the way to graduation into 12th grade. So, that's kinda neat for a driver to be a part of that child's education," said David Morris, director of transportation at ECISD

Driver says she's even transported kids who are now grandparent and still keeps in touch with them...A relationship that long term school bus drivers are bound to make.

And she says she can't wait for this school year to start.

"I've got kids I wanna see. I haven't seen them all summer and I wanna see them. I hope they're excited to see me," Driver said.

And Driver says she wouldn't want any other type of job.

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