Son Keeps Mom From Running To Finish Line after Boston Marathon Explosions

Son Keeps Mom From Running To Finish Line after Boston Marathon Explosions

His military training kicked in when he heard the blasts.
It's a sound that immediately caused chaos.

For Stephen Pace, it's a sound that's all too familiar.

"It's a very definite sound when you hear it," he said through a phone interview from Boston, "you know, it's just one of those that you don't forget."

The former Marine was watching his mom finish the race.

Carmel Pace was just a few hundred yards from the finish line.

Her goal was to finish in exactly four hours, but she had decided to slow down and was a bit behind.

"I got to run to about 4:09 when I looked at my watch and that was the time when it happened," she said.

She would have been crossing at the exact moment of the two explosions that killed at least 3 and left hundreds injured.
"All of a sudden we heard two explosions two seconds apart," said her son.

Pace immediately ran back and grabbed his mom, stopping her from finishing the race.

He then returned to help out others.

"I had a friend there," he explained. "His dad is a dentist and his office is right there on the course, so we kind of just set up a little place there for runners to come in and use the land line phone and eat and drink water."

Pace is thankful for her son and, more than anything, proud of his heroic reaction.

"That's their nature," she said of her son and his other Marine colleagues, "and that's what they do and they're incredible people."

For him, it was just instinct.

"I just had to focus and do what I knew I had to do," he said.

Now, the streets remain eerily quiet as the emotions really begin to sink in.

Perhaps the hardest part for Pace is looking at her medal.

"I have to say in all of this," she said, "running seems so insignificant right now."

A cruel reminder of what should have been a glorious moment.
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