Sign Advocating for Andrews to Remain a Dry City Raises Eyebrows

Sign Advocating for Andrews to Remain a Dry City Raises Eyebrows

ANDREWS -- It's a new sign catching people's attention.
ANDREWS -- It's a new sign catching people's attention.

"I was kind of floored, I'd never really seen a child used like that for an issue that had nothing to do with child abuse," said Rolando Emiliano, campaign manager for the Andrews Expansion Council.

A sign depicting a child with a beaten face..done by someone drunk.

Put up to encourage people to vote against the sale of alcohol in Andrews.

"People's lives change, and they've seen what the effect of alcohol can do," said Glenn Hammack, spokesperson for Keep Andrews Dry.

The sign is hanging outside La Hacienda, who gave a church group permission to put up the sign.

Edith Calvillo works there and chose to not appear on camera.

"It kind of opens your eye and touches your heart I guess. It touched my heart when I saw it," said Edith Calvillo, who works at La Hacienda.

"I don't think that a town going wet is gonna show an increase in child abuse. I think that's one of those things that happens and it's its own separate issue," Emiliano said.

We spoke to people outside the restaurant who said they actually saw this sign for the first time today and they told me they were surprised a church with family values would put up a sign like this.

According to Hammack, keep Andrews dry is not affiliated with the church group that put up the sign, but he says he was shown a couple different pictures along with this one, before the sign was put up.

"I said if ya'll want, feel like this is appropriate, go right ahead, it's up to ya'll," Hammack said.

And he says he thinks it gets the point across.

"I just wasn't expecting, you know, a group that was standing on moral ground to stoop to something, you know, a political act like that," said Emiliano.

For now, the owners of the restaurant and members of keep Andrews dry, say they just hope the sign gets people thinking and vote to keep Andrews a dry city

People in Andrews will be able to vote in the November 5th elections and then decide if alcohol should be sold in certain areas and establishments in the city.

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