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Sharyland Scheduling Outages To Migrate From SPP To ERCOT

Sharyland utilities wants to warn west Texas customers that some will be without power for about two hours.
WEST TEXAS -- The following counties and towns will experience outages over the next few weeks.

Friday, December 13
·         Morning - Colorado City, Hermleigh, Ira, Loraine, Roscoe
·         Afternoon - Big Spring, Coahoma, Elbow, Forsan, Garden City, Sand Springs
Tuesday, December 17
·         Morning - Midkiff
Friday, December 20
·         Morning - Midkiff (west of Rankin highway), south Midland
·         Afternoon - Fairview, Gail
Saturday, December 21
·         Morning - Ackerly, Brown, Grady, Greenwood, Knott, Koch, Lenorah, Stanton, Tarzan, Vealmoor
·         Afternoon - Gardendale, north Midland
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