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Second I-20 Crash Sends Several Cars Off the Highway

Swerving cars lead to a multi-car crash.
MIDLAND COUNTY --  Part of Eastbound I-20 was still shut down from an earlier crash when another accident happened a few miles away.

Around 5:00pm Friday afternoon cars were slowing down near East Loop 250 and I-20.  Some cars didn't stop quickly enough and had to swerve to avoid other traffic.  That, in turn, caused a chain reaction which ultimately led to a semi truck going off the road and into the median. 

That semi then crashed into a red car which had gone off the road.  Luckily the driver had already gotten out of the car before that happened.

Approximately four cars were caught up in the mess, but no one was seriously injured.

A HAZMAT team was called out to the crash because the semi was leaking diesel.
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