Restaurant Manger Speaks Out After She Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Restaurant Manger Speaks Out After She Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Midland Police are on the hunt to find the men behind two separate robberies Tuesday night. Jenne Anderson Reports.
MIDLAND-- "The guy came in the side door, and he just told everybody to get on the floor with a gun," recalled the manager at the Schlotzky’s on Andrews Highway.

"He asked where the safe was, and me being the manager on duty, I took him straight to it."

That manager who didn't want to be identified says the robber forced her to empty the restaurant safe as he held a handgun to her back.

"I did as I was told because he had the gun," said the store manager.

Midland Police say the man made off with about $500 from Schlotzky's.

Meanwhile, just moments later, employees at the Jumburitto on Lamesa had a similar experience.

We're told a Hispanic male in his twenties, carrying a handgun, stole $300 from the restaurant.

Even though the robberies happened back to back, MPD is still unsure if the two are related.

"It looks like right now they happened too simultaneously for there to be a connection,” said Sara Higgins, Midland Public Information Officer, “But we aren't quite ruling that out just yet."

Higgins tells us they're getting different descriptions on the robbers from each restaurant.

But, they do have a key piece of evidence- a black ski mask that was left behind by the robber at Schlotzky's.

"We're actually going to test that for DNA and try to link that to a suspect," explained Higgins.

Police say both cases are still under investigation.

Even though no one was hurt at either restaurant, the Schlotzky's manager tells us she'll be switching up her schedule to make sure she never has to experience something like this again.

"I don't think that I will work nights again,” said the store manager.

MPD tells us they arrested a man near the Schlotzky’s Tuesday night for outstanding warrants.

At this point he's a suspect in the case, but has not been charged with anything.

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