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Rep. Tom Craddick Pushes For Statewide Texting While Driving Bill Again

<font size="2">Monday,Texas Representative (R) Tom Craddick put forth a bill that if approved would ban texting and driving throughout Texas. Katiera Winfrey reports.</font>
TEXAS--Monday,Texas Representative (R) Tom Craddick put forth a bill that if approved would ban texting and driving throughout Texas.

The bill is called "House Bill 63" also named "The Alex Brown Memorial Act". It's named after the Wellman teen that died in a texting while driving accident in 2009. Craddick said the bill has more support now compared to when the Brown family first pushed for it nearly two years ago.

You may often see a moving car and the driver with their head down with their eyes on the phone and not on the road. That's what Craddick wants to stop.

"I think it's an important piece of legislation for safety on the highway," said Craddick.

Craddick outlined his reasoning for pushing for the bill in a letter released Monday. A line in the letter read:

"Writing a text or checking your messages is not worth injuring yourself or someone else,"

Craddick shares the same sentiment as the Brown family.

"I thought this hurts so bad, I can't imagine another family having to go through this," said Jeanne Brown, Alex Brown's mother.

In October, Big 2's Katiera Winfrey had a sit down interview with the Browns.

Jeanne spoke on the family's work, "We just travel and talk to them about the dangers of texting and driving."

The family went on to tell about the family's efforts to push to educate driver on the dangers of texting and driving, and share their story of loss. But if we can talk about this and get one other person to understand so they'll make different choices it's worth talking about."

Other Texas cities have banned texting and driving. Craddick believes a statewide law would make more sense.

"There are 25 cities in Texas that have banned texting while driving so you've got different types of laws in 25 different cities."

Different laws can cause further confusion for drivers. With Texas being so large, it can be difficult for drivers to keep track of which cities have enacted texting a texting and driving ban.

Ultimately, Craddick says passing the bill will make for more safe roads.

The bill will be decided on sometime between January and May of 2013.

Click here to see the release and see the proposed bill in detail.

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