Pig Pays For Texas Teen's College Tuition In Full

Pig Pays For Texas Teen's College Tuition In Full

In a town north of Abilene, a pig pays for a teen's college tuition in full.
HASKELL, TX -- He hasn't even begun and he's already paid for his college education and its all thanks to a little piggy.

"I feel like its a big blessing, I'm definitely relieved now," said 18 year-old Haskell resident Brady Leach. 

Well, he's not exactly little. 

He last weighed in at 292 lbs which is what helped Leach earn the championship at the 2012 Houston Livestock Show.

"It's kinda like the Superbowl, it's the big one," said his father Kevin Leach.

That's where Kipper was sold for a$178,000, earning leech $40,000 to use for his college tuition.

"Its a big relief," said said Leach.

Kipper isn't the only pig whose helped leach earn big bucks for school.

The 18 year-old Haskell native has spent years competing pigs, a task he's willing to get knee deep in the mud for.

"It's dirty, yeah its gonna be a bad smell, but you get close to the pigs, to the animals, cause they kind of become like your friends after a while," he said.

It may not be the cleanest hobby, but his parents sure are proud.

"It's something definitely we've been striving for for the last seven years, you never expect it, but that's what you strive for," said his father, "It was his last go around, but it was a lot of fun."
Leech says its been their support and sacrifice that's gotten him where he is today.

Now he's ready to head off to college with one less burden on his mind.

"It definitely makes you think about why am i getting up so early or why am I doing this, but now I realize in the end it can definitely pay off," he said.

And its all thanks to his four-legged friends. 

Leech says he plans on attending south plains college and later transfer to Texas Tech where he'll study to become a game warden. 

He'll no longer be competing since the livestock events he attended were only for high school students, but he says he'll now focus on training his thirteen year old brother to become the next champion.

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