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Permian Head Coach Feldt Well-Aware of Midland's Offensive Weapons

Head coach Blake Feldt may be new to the area, but he knows all too well of the Midland Bulldogs offensive arsenal.

Permian head coach Blake Feldt is prepping the Panthers (1-3) in hopes of starting a winning streak, and it starts against the Midland Bulldogs. 

The Bulldogs (2-1) have been noted for having a strong running game, but Feldt is cognizant of the Bulldogs other firepower -- especially through the air.

"But I tell ya one thing that's really scary is their wide receivers," said Feldt. "I think they've got some great wide receivers. They've got great speed. They're tremendously athletic and they do a good job of running routes and catching the football. You know, they're playing two quarterbacks right now and I think both quarterbacks are very, very good players and they just have a very good football team."

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