Permian Basin International Oil Show Features Industry-Changing Technology

Permian Basin International Oil Show Features Industry-Changing Technology

Mycah Glover sets out to find latest technology
PBIOS, Odessa - The Permian Basin International Oil Show has brought in vendors from around the world, and some of the technology they have to offer is nothing short of spectacular.

One hydraulic rig that has caught many eyes because of it's shape, but it's shape is far from the most impressive feature.

"One guy operates the whole rig," said John Folsom of Drillmec, Inc.

Although a small Drillmec rig will set you back about $3 million, you save in other ways. With a one man crew, you clearly save in operational costs not to mention safety.

"Out of the 150 rigs we have operating worldwide, we've had no accidents because nobody's touching any pipe or anything," said Folsom.
Drillmec is based out of Italy and although we haven't seen any rigs of the sort in the Permian Basin, following an overwhelming amount of response at the show, that could soon change. "(it's) Quick, safe, economical, and it's maintenance free almost," added Folsom. "As long as you maintain the hydraulics you don't have to do anything else to it."
From drilling rigs to workover rigs to the machines that power them, like this MTU Mobile Rig Power Module being shown for the first time.

"What's unique about ours is that it is a complete package," said Steve Besore, MTU senior sales manager. "It's on-highway certified to the current standards. It has the after-treatment designed into the package, so we take away the complexity from the customer."
Although the oil industry hasn't been known for their small carbon footprint in the past, we found that most of the companies we spoke with were working to help the environment. For example, Lufkin, who pioneered the pumping unit, has found a way to make them a little greener.

"We've been able to use a new variable speed drive to actually put the regenerative power that a pumping unit makes back on the line to be a true green product," said Andy Cordova, Lufkin general sales manager.

With all of this expensive equipment, it's good to have someone to call should something get stolen. Finley Investigations and Security employee Margaret Watson says, "tracking down missing property, theft, (and) vandalism" is their goal. They use security guards, security cameras, and a team of investigators to keep you property safe or to track it down should it get stolen. To learn more about Finley Investigations & Security, check out the complete interview featured in our WEB EXTRA on

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