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OHS Ron King On Permian Panthers Matchup

Odessa High head coach Ron King gives us his take on what he's dealing with versus Permian tomorrow night.

We are one day away from District 2-5 A's first week of district play and no game is as amped as the rivalry matchup between Odessa High and Permian. Never short of things to say, head coach Ron King broke down what it's going to take to keep the panthers in the loss column and the Bronchos on a winning streak.

"Defensively, they're very aggressive. They do a lot of blitzing, so that presents a lot of problems for ya offensively," said King. "We need to be able to pick up their blitz so we'll be doing a lot of blitz pick up this week. Offensively, they do a great job of running the football and they set up their play action pass off of it. So, they present quite a few problems for us, but we'll have to focus in on what we need to do to get better."
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