Odessa Woman Lies About Being Robbed At Gunpoint

Odessa Woman Lies About Being Robbed At Gunpoint

An Odessa woman is facing charges after making false claims that she was robbed at gunpoint. Jenne Anderson Reports.
ODESSA-- An Odessa woman held at gunpoint two times in two days.

If this sounds hard to believe, it's probably because none of it is true.

"All of her accusations were simply false," said Officer Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

Officer LeSueur says police responded to an armed robbery in the parking lot at Maurices in Odessa.

That's where Jessica Miller, who used to work at the store, claimed that three people conspired together to steal hundreds of dollars worth of clothing from the store.

"There were officers all over the place when we received that call and we could never locate a suspect," explained LeSueur.

LeSueur says police were still investigating this case when they got wind of a second robbery (the next day) outside the Walmart on JBS Parkway.

"Ironically it was the same person, the same victim, Jessica miller," stated LeSueur.

This time Miller told police that a Hispanic male pointed a handgun at her and stole all her jewelry.

"Police thought it was a little strange that she had been robbed twice a day apart," said LeSueur.

After speaking with several witnesses and looking through all of the surveillance footage, detectives realized both incidents were completely made up.

Upon this discovery Miller was arrested and placed in the Ector County Law Enforcement Center.

"She's facing two counts of making a false report to a peace officer,” explained LeSueur. “It's a class B misdemeanor."

Odessa Police say they're frustrated that Miller created a panic for no reason, but glad the right person ended up in custody.

"This is just a great reminder to the public that if you're going to make a false report we will prosecute and you will be arrested," said LeSueur.

Big2 reached out to Maurices to hear what they had to say about the situation.

They told us they were unable to comment, but they did explain that Miller resigned as an employee shortly after the incident occurred.

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