Odessa Permian 2013 Football Season Preview

Odessa Permian 2013 Football Season Preview

The Permian Panthers have a new coaching regime in place for the 2013 season. Can the MOJO return to the glory days under head coach Blake Feldt?

When Blake Feldt was hired as the 13th head football coach in Permian history, people knew there would be change. And the biggest change he's brought -- is speed.

"In order to play at the highest level and be successful, that you've got to play this game fast. It's got to move fast."

"I think it's gonna look pretty good. We're working on speed, to get off the ball. You know, just coming off the ball real fast."

"The intensity and the tempo is amazing. It's a whole two steps up from what it used to be."

To better instill the change of tempo, Coach Feldt hired new coaches who could pass as drill instructors, helping make the Panthers a more disciplined squad.

"When Coach Feldt is fired up, you know you have to be fired up, because you know you have to be at his tempo to win games."

"We have a lot of coaches that yell a lot. We respond better. More disciplined when the coach is yelling at us. Everybody works harder when the coaches are in our butts and everything."

Another change brought to the table -- players are expected to know both sides of the ball.

"It's old Permian. Back in the day, they used to go both ways. They knew every position, inside and out and that's what I'm really liking a lot."

So with all the new change, what are the Permian Panthers expectations?

"Any goal is gonna be to win state. I mean, there's nothing less than you can have. Our goal is to win state, and to win state every year, and it shouldn't be any less than that."

Reporting from Odessa, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.

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