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Odessa Man Collects Donations For The People Of Moore, OK

Jeremy Perry intended to go back to Oklahoma this weekend to pick up his family in Stillwater.
ODESSA -- Jeremy Perry intended to go back to Oklahoma this weekend to pick up his family in Stillwater.

Now he has another reason.

He's taking supplies to Moore, and he's asking Basin residents for help.

Events like the Moore tornado, while devastating, also bring out the best in people.

"I think it's amazing that everyone wants to come out and help," Perry said.

After spending time in the military, he is always looking for ways to help others.

Since he was heading to Oklahoma anyway, he decided to load up his  20' trailer and take donations to those in need.

"We also want to make it available to people around here who don't have the resources and a way to take something up to say, Moore, Oklahoma," Perry continued.

He's asking for toiletries, baby supplies, hygiene products, water, animal supplies and anything that will help with the search and rescue operation.

His trailer will be set up at Aladdin's Castle on Englewood in Odessa Wednesday and Thursday, before he leaves at 8 am Friday.

Jeremy will have is trailer in the parking lot across the street Wednesday morning to take donations, but if you can't make it out to Odessa, there are some other locations where you can drop off those donation items.

You can also drop off your items at the Midland Cosmetology School on Illinois or Prim Boutique on University in Odessa and those products will make their way to Moore with Perry.

Amber Carpenter with Prim says she has family in Moore, and they are doing well, but she was also looking for a way to help when she heard what happened.

"I think sometimes we feel helpless in these situations. I was inspired by some other local people and I just want to do what I can to help them help others," Carpenter said.

For Perry, this just feels like the right thing to do and he's glad to see the outpouring of support he's gotten for this cause.

Perry has already received several pallets of water and the donations keep pouring in.

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