New Year = Gym

New Year = Gym

Many people make changes to start out a new year. The gym is tops on the list for some.
Midland, TX – (Big 2 News) January 1st officially ends the holiday season which starts most of us thinking of what are we going to change for the new year.

It may be a diet or saving money but getting in shape at the gym is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

“January is definitely a busy time here in the gym,” said Gold’s Gym Manager Stephen Lopez-Barela.

It’s the time people start reflecting on last year and deciding what they can change for 2014.

“You’re going to have a lot of people coming in here for New Year’s resolutions. Trying to make that big change,” said Lopez-Barela.

It could be to loose weight, become more healthy, or get rid of a vice or two.

“100 percent of people, if you ask them honestly, are going to want to change something about themselves, so, that's why we’re here,” said Lopez-Barela.

What is that something for 18 year old one hundred and 39 pound Tolu Odenga?

“That is a little skinny for my age so I have to put on a little muscle weight actually,” said Odenga.

But for Tolu Odenga, like many others who start going to the gym, perseverance throughout the year makes the difference.

“I'm not sure. Let’s see how January works out,” said Odenga

“Some people just don’t come into the gym that often as they had that jump in January,” said Lopez Barela.

The New Year may be a time to start over, a time to look back, and a time for change for everyone.

“We’re making some changes around here too. Mainly new memberships, we got going on for $9.95 a month,” said Lopez-Barela.

But that change in the gym doesn't just come from money. It is paid for in time and sweat.

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