Neighbors Speak Out After Deadly Shooting

Neighbors Speak Out After Deadly Shooting

Neighbors tell us the aftermath of the shooting was chaotic.

A deadly shooting happened last night in Midland in the 4300 block of Parkdale. The shooting left one person dead and another in jail charged with murder.

Midland city officials tell us that there was a party there last night, but things went terribly wrong.

Pete Ballez is behind bars after police arrested him for shooting Cameron Massey, after they had a dispute. Neighbors tell us the aftermath of the shooting was chaotic. 

“As soon we heard the gunshot, we heard a girl scream ‘oh my god call the cops’,” said next door neighbor Elizabeth Whan.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found the deceased body of Cameron Massey.

“When police showed up they found the victim lying in front of the residence in front of the front door,” said Midland City Public Information Officer, Sara Higgins.

There was no chase or search for the suspect, the police found the alleged shooter, Pete Ballez at the residence where the shooting occurred.

“He was taken to the police department for questioning, and was arrested under a murder charge,” said Sara Higgins.

All of this took place while the Whan family watched on.

“We did hear screaming last night that said ‘I didn’t mean to do it, he was punching me’,” said Elizabeth Whan.

“I feel like it was probably just a bad decision at the time and so the right people are behind bars I guess and I feel okay, it's just scary being so close to home,” said Elizabeth Whan.

Pete Ballez is currently being held on $250,000 bail.

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