More Of The Same As Yesterday 12-17-13

More Of The Same As Yesterday 12-17-13

Temperatures will reach the upper 60's again with plenty of sunshine

Plenty of sunshine and temperatures creeping into the upper 60's.

Forecast high at MAF: 67.

Winds will stay out of the SW at 5-15 mph.


Even warmer with the highs back in the upper 60's.

Look for 68 through Midland/Odessa.

Skies will be clear again.


Warmest day of the week here, with highs in the 70's.

MAF could hit 72 degrees Thursday.


A cold front will bring temperatures back down to their season averages with highs in the mid 50's throughout.

Chance of rain develops Friday night at 30% and increases to 40% on Saturday.

Friday: 57
Saturday: 55
Sunday: 57
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