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MOJO Head Coach Feldt Expects More From Team After First Win

With the monkey officially off the back of Permian and head coach Blake Feldt after the Panthers first win, Feldt continues to push for improvement from his squad going into Week 3 of district.
A win finally came for the Permian Panthers, and to make it even sweeter it was against the defending district champions -- the Abilene Eagles. Now, head coach Blake Feldt is wanting more from his team and sees a long road ahead with half of the season remaining.

"We're so much better than we were at the start of the year and that's attribute(d) and our assistant coaches," said Feldt. "They've just kept working each and every week and improved tremendously and that's one thing we have to continue to do is improve. You know, we aren't even close to where we need to be as a team and as a program and we've got lots of work ahead of us."
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