Mockingbird Lane Improvements Supported

Mockingbird Lane Improvements Supported

Dozens turned out for a presentation on a plan to transform Mockingbird Lane in Midland on Thursday.
MIDLAND -- Dozens turned out for a presentation on a plan to transform Mockingbird Lane in Midland on Thursday.

The proposed construction is something city officials believe will improve traffic flow and keep people safer.

Originally, many residents who live along the road weren't happy with this plan, but after some revisions, most are on board.

"My neighbor and I and a lot of our neighbors were a part of this discussion back in November of 2011 and thankfully the city and the planners listened to what we were talking about and what we had to do to be able to get in and to access our wells, access our septic, access our cow trailers," John Sullivan said.

Sullivan was concerned that the revamp to Mockingbird Lane would bring the city to his older home, along with new developments along the road.

He was concerned about his septic system and his wells, and was worried the new road would change his way of life.

But after Midland went back to the drawing board, Sullivan and friends are on board.

"What they've brought to us is certainly acceptable to us," Sullivan said.

Accommodating the needs of the people who live along Mockingbird was important to Brooks Baca, who helped design the changes coming to mockingbird lane.

"Being familiar with the area and knowing the people of the area, I wanted to create something that worked with what they're trying to achieve as a homeowner," Baca said.

Some of the changes that Sullivan is happy with include a wall to block the view of traffic, and access to his horse stalls and barns.

"I just wanted the project to go the way it needed to go and they've designed it the way it needed to go," Sullivan said.

One of the biggest changes to the road is a roundabout that officials believe will slow down traffic and make the road safer.

That's something most everyone was happy with.

The plans aren't finished yet though, that won't happen until sometime near the end of 2013, and construction probably won't begin until spring 2014.
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