MISD Teachers Could See A Substantial Raise For 2013-14

MISD Teachers Could See A Substantial Raise For 2013-14

MISD is proposing a new pay schedule that would give all teachers at least a $2,000 raise
MIDLAND -- For some, living in the Permian Basin is difficult in our current economic boom.

Education seems to be one of the hardest hit industries but MISD is trying to fix that,  giving their teachers raises across the board.

"We felt like we had to provide a substantial increase to teachers to try to retain them. That's been one of the challenges of the Superintendent. He wants to recruit and retain the best teachers in the state," MISD Chief Financial Officer David Garcia said.

Teachers get a scheduled increase every year, but going into next year the numbers could be much more impressive.

The proposal includes at least $2,000 for everyone, but based on experience, the numbers vary.

For example, a 4th year teacher in 2012 made almost $46,000, but for 2013, if this proposal is accepted, they could be seeing $48,500 annually.

That's a more than $2,500 boost.

The largest increases are for those in the 8 to 16 year experience levels.

Garcia said those middle years were slacking in terms of pay and so they gave them an extra boost.

Those with 14 years experience will see a $5,000 increase next year, the highest on the scale.

That will help those mid-level salaries compete against other districts in the state.

This is an increase that would put Midland among the top 10 or 15 highest paying districts in the state.

"Even though we're working our way up, it's actually cheaper to live in the Metroplex. That's who we're competing against because their salary schedules are so robust," Garcia continued.

Along with salary increases, the district will also be adding over 100 positions next year, now that they have more money coming in from the state.

"We were staffing classrooms at 23, 24 to 1 due to the budget cuts we took two years ago," Garcia explained.

Now that some of that money has been reissued, they can reduce that student to teacher ratio.

Garcia said this proposal will be taken before the board Tuesday, June 11.

If accepted, it will go into effect in August at the beginning of the new school year.

He also added that they are looking into ways they can increase pay for  service positions as well, similar to what they did last year.

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