MISD Substitute Teacher Arrested

MISD Substitute Teacher Arrested

A substitute teacher is under arrested, and charged with indecency with a child.
A substitute teacher is under arrest, and charged with indecency with a child.
The MISD substitute teacher, Juan Leovardo Melendez was arrested by Midland Police at 12:40pm Thursday afternoon, and the investigation to the alleged crime continues.

"I was phoned by the principal today Ms. Cano that there was a substitute teacher that was getting kids in headlocks and touching them inappropriately, he has been there since Monday," said a parent whose child was in class with the substitute.

"I just heard about what happened to day, and was pretty floored….We don't want pedophiles in our system, they [children] tend to trust us," said MISD substitute teacher, Clifford Allen.

Allen also said he believes tougher background checks should be in place.

"A teacher is supposed to be someone you can go to, and it makes things kind of bleak you know…... My main concern is that he is okay, and that he wasn't touched himself, and that's what's running through my mind right now,” said another parent with a son in the class.

"I would be outraged, I don't know what I would do, I would probably just go after whoever did that, it's just really horrible…..I definitely feel like the school should have done more of who they hire for a substitute, it’s not okay for a grown man to be touching a child," said Javier Vasquez, who has younger brothers and lives across the street from the elementary.

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