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Midland Trinity vs. Loraine ASCO Midland Football Madness 8/31/13

The final game of the ASCO Midland Football Madness featured Midland Trinity and Loraine.

The final match of the ASCO Midland Football Madness pitted the Midland Trinity Chargers against the Loraine Bulldogs

First quarter, Este Benivamondez pitches to Patrick Tillis, he cuts back and is gone .Touchdown Bulldogs and they would miss the extra point. 6-0 lead.

Ensuing kickoff, Loraine with the onside kick and they recover--so they go back to work; Tillis makes the recovery.

Tillis again gets another pitch, goes left then cuts back right again and same result to the end zone for six. Loraine takes a 12-0 lead.

Loraine, rolling right through Midland Trinity, 62-14.

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