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Midland: Top 5 Intersections for Crashes

Midland Police report 21 crashes at Midkiff & I-20 between July and September.
 (Paula Cuadrado)
(Paula Cuadrado)
Midland Police released statistics on car crashes at city intersections.

The top 5 intersections where the most crashes happened between the months of July and September are:

·Midkiff Drive and Interstate 20 – 21 crashes

·Rankin Highway and Interstate 20 – 17 crashes

·Andrews Highway and Loop 250 – 16 crashes

·Midland Drive and Loop 250 – 14 crashes

·Midkiff Drive and Loop 250 – 12 crashes

The statistics released by Midland Police also show that the top three reasons for crashes are following too closely, driver inattention and failure to control speed.

Most crashes happen during the weekdays.
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