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Midland International Moves Towards Spaceport Designation

Imagine space shuttles taking off from Midland International Airport.
MIDLAND -- Imagine space shuttles taking off from Midland International Airport.

XCOR, the private areospace corporation that plans on opening a research and development headquarters in Midland, can't do that until MAF is designated as a spaceport.

The city named the first four of seven members to the board of directors of spaceport development at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

According to mayor Wes Perry, Midland is one of two cities in Texas that qualifies for up to $15 million in funds from the state to develop commercial spaceports in Texas. 

Mayor Perry says that as soon as five years from now, space travel may be a regular part of Midland living.

"You will start to see a shuttle like vehicle, leaving the runway, going straight up, carrying people and experiments to outer space, and a few minutes later, few hours later, coming back and taking off again with something else. it's futuristic, it's hard to believe that this could even happen in Midland, but it's a reality," Perry said.

If MAF is designated as a spaceport, it will be the only commercial airport and space port connected in the country, making it what Perry calls a "world class airport."
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