Midland Council Members Weigh In On Front Lawn Parking Ban

Midland Council Members Weigh In On Front Lawn Parking Ban

The Odessa City council recently passed a ban -- making it illegal to park on your front lawn starting next year. The city of Midland has a similar ban, put in place back in 2010. But, how effective has it been? Jenne Anderson Reports.
PERMIAN BASIN--Front lawn parking will no longer be an option in Odessa, now that the city council voted to put a parking ban in place starting next January.

They join the city of Midland, who tried to stop front lawn parking with a ban in 2010.

"It was, what's going to make Midland a better place to live overall," said Midland City Councilman Michael Trost.

But just how effective is this type of restriction?

We drove down several Midland streets, and found car, after car, after car -- parked on the front lawn.

Midland City Councilman John Love was elected after the ban was created, but voiced his concerns saying, "We created a law that is very challenging to control. We don't have the resources to patrol downtown, let alone throughout the city."

And while Councilman Trost agrees that it's hard to enforce, he says he's seen improvements over the past 2 years.

"Nothing is perfect," stated Trost, "But it is getting better and better as time goes on, and it takes a while to actually get the message across."

Both Love and Trost say the most effective way to crack down on violators is when people call the city and report a problem.

And while that won't necessarily fix the issue in one day, Trost says that it comes down to each individual person, and the respect they have for the Tall City.

"If you really care about your city, then you won't do those things," said Trost. "You'll follow the letter of the law."

There is one big difference between these bans that might mean a big difference between how many people follow it in Midland and in Odessa.

In Midland, violating the parking ban can get you a $200 fine, but in Odessa, it's a $2,000 fine.

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