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Midland Christian's McClendon Satisfied with Mustangs Consistency

The Midland Christian Mustangs are 7-0 and ranked #1 in the State for TAPPS 11 man by multiple media outlets.
It's not rare when an undefeated team stumbles and loses to an unexpected opponent. The reason for losing to someone you shouldn't have lost to usually comes down to preparation and complacency.

The Midland Christian Mustangs are undefeated at 7-0, but something is different about this years Mustangs. They won't settle for complacency. They want to win every game, and by doing so they prepare each week as if it is a championship game.

Midland Christian is going for their third consecutive state championship this year, and so far so good as the Mustangs have steamrolled their opponents, including shutting out the last four.

Head coach Greg McClendon talked about what he's been most satisfied with about this Mustang team, saying "Consistency, the way these guys have come out and practiced every week with a business like attitude and everything. The lack of complaceny, these guys have a taste for greatness and they want to be the best team that's ever been at Midland Christian. Every week they come out and strive for that."
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