Midland Christian Three-peats; Goes Undefeated For First Time In School History

Midland Christian Three-peats; Goes Undefeated For First Time In School History

The Midland Christian Mustangs make history twice, becoming the first team in school history to win three consecutive state titles and the first to finish a season undefeated. Matthew Villanueva has the story.
It wouldn't have mattered where Midland Christian played for it third straight title in Texas -- it was going to be cold.

But on a Monday afternoon in Corsicana.. the Mustangs had its biggest challenge of the year... and when it mattered most -- they got hot.

 "Yeah it wasnt pretty but state championship games though, that's what it is -- it's just a grind," said senior quarterback Mason McClendon. "That's how you get to the last game is a grind."

And after the grind and clock winded down to zero... this Mustang squad accomplished two feats never done before.

"For us to be the first people to ever three-peat and the first people ever to get an undefeated season -- it's an honor," said McClendon.

Directly on the sideline for the third time in four years was head coach and father Greg McLendon... who got to see his son and the entire class of 2014 go out as winners.

"To be able to have that kind of success with your son is hard to even..." said a hard for words head coach Greg McClendon. "We believe with all of our heart that we're winners down in our core and I feel like that's what we finished with is winners and make no mistake -- he's surrounded by great wide receivers, great lineman, a great defense. I'm surrounded by great coaches. It's really special."

Seven times is the number of times Midland Christian has gone to state under head coach Greg McClendon. Seven times is also the number of times they've won. Talk about a good winning percentage. From Corsicana Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.

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