Midland Christian Mustangs Celebrate Three-Peat With School and Community

Midland Christian Mustangs Celebrate Three-Peat With School and Community

The Midland Christian Mustangs celebrated yet another state championship with the entire school plus the city of Midland.

A week after winning its third straight championship, the Midland Christian Mustangs got to celebrate with the community today and you can't blame them if they're still on cloud nine

"For us to go back and go 14-0 and three-peat? It's an awesome feeling," said senior quarterback Mason McClendon

"Crazy knowing that I know what it's like to be at a pep rally like this," said senior defensive end/tight end Dakota Jones, "especially three times."

Three times is the number most of the Class of 2014 got to experience a day like this, but this time hits a little bit closer to home

"What we accomplished, I never thought we would," said senior wide receiver Elias Aguirre. "You know, freshman year."

"Doing it with seniors I grew up with is the best experience of my life," said senior wide receiver/defensive back Jarrod Koym.

"It's the last time for us to be together and we're just trying to soak it in," said McClendon.

And they helped lead the entire program all the way through.

"They've been great role models all year," said head coach Greg McClendon. "They represented our school and this community extremely well both on and off the football field.

And now, the seniors pass the torch to the Class of 2015 and beyond.

"Take what we've done and continue to expand on it and keep working hard," said Jones.

"They know it's not gonna be easy," said Koym, "but I know with the coaches and all the help, they're gonna go out there and they're gonna give everyone a show and those games may have been boring this year but next year they're gonna be something to see."

"We've got a lot of guys and they've been sitting over there and they've been waiting on their time to step up," said Coach McClendon, "and the goal is to hang a fourth one. The only thing better than three is four and that's where they are right now."

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