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Mega Millions $425 Million Jackpot Draw In Many Hoping To Win

MIDLAND -- Friday the 13th. A date widely known to be unlucky.
MIDLAND -- Friday the 13th. A date widely known to be unlucky.

"Not for me, it's a good day," said Pam Rhodes.

Rhodes says this day has always brought her good luck in money.

"When I was younger I would find money and then as I got older I was in sales. I made so much money on Friday the 13th it was unreal. So, Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me," Rhodes said.

Others focused on the 425-million dollar jackpot rather than the date.

"No, didn't even cross my mind," said Steve Clabaugh, who bought one Mega Millions ticket.

"No, no," said Virgil Howard who isn't superstitious.

"I mean I'm always like you know, today's Friday the 13th but I don't make a big deal about it," said Michelle Vera who bought Mega Millions tickets.

At 7-Eleven in Midland workers expect a busy night for the second largest jackpot in Mega Millions history.

"Last week I bought two, I usually buy one, you know, but, I figure if I'm gonna win it'll be with only with one ticket," said Sagin Brown who bought two tickets for the lottery.

"I bought 20," said David Hayes, who usually buys around 13 lottery tickets.

"just, uh, five," said Howard.

Apparently bad luck doesn't really have a date, not even Friday the 13th.

"If it's gonna win it's gonna be on this one, " said Clabaugh.

But others say they find the large flock of people buying lottery tickets rather silly.

"I think it's ridiculous how all you people won't buy any when it's a hundred million like that's not enough money but now that it's four or five hundred million it's like everybody, it's like okay my odds went up now that the money's bigger. Go out there and get that money," said Dustin Green, who didn't buy any lottery tickets.

Superstitious or not, Friday the 13th or not, most say they have high hopes."

"I may win now. I may be the next millionaire," said Rhodes.

"Here's the winning ticket, West Texas, all of America!" Clabaugh said.

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