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Mayor Wes Perry Talks About Passing The Baton To Jerry Morales

Midlanders have elected their new Mayor.
MIDLAND -- Midlanders have elected their new Mayor.

Current mayor Wes Perry announced he wasn't seeking another term earlier this year.

So a new face will be leading the Tall City next year.

Last night. at-large city councilman Jerry Morales won the Mayor's race. 

He's set to be sworn into office in January.

Wednesday, we spoke with the out-going mayor Wes Perry about passing the baton.

"We've worked together a long time so i'm going to make sure this next couple of months that we all finish strong and that he's got the batton firmly in his hand and he can pick up and start January with the city at hand."

There will now need to be a special election called to fill Morales' at-large city council position. 
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