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Max Muncy: Newest Midland RockHound

Midland RockHound newcomer Max Muncy has a long 48 hours, shows up big in Hounds debut.
Max Muncy was just promoted to the Double-A Midland RockHounds from the California League where he was a part of the Stockton Ports.

Muncy finished an extra inning game on Sunday night, found out he was heading to Double-A and had to hit the road.

Although he had a long night, Muncy swung the bat well in his debut for the Hounds, going 1-4 with an RBI double.

"It's very exciting. Yesterday was kind of a crazy day, I had no clue I was coming here until after the game the day before. Then I had to take a car to the airport at about three in the morning. So I actually didn't get any sleep I was playing yesterday with no hours of sleep. So after my second at bat I was starting to feel pretty tired. It started to get pretty tough but it was really exciting I had a lot of adrenaline yesterday and it was a lot of fun" said Muncy.
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