Marfa vs. Klondike West Texas Six-Man Shootout 8/31/13

Marfa vs. Klondike West Texas Six-Man Shootout 8/31/13

Marfa faces a tough Klondike squad in its season opener at the fourth annual McCamey ISD West Texas Six-Man Shootout

Moving on to Marfa and Klondike, and this practice play before the game may have been the biggest gain the Shorthorns would have.

And it goes down from here. First offensive play, Marfa rushes, fumbles, ball recovered by the Cougars.

Very next play, Klayton Fielding gets the carry, and he scores the touchdown. 6-0 Klondike lead

Still in the first, fourth and long for Marfa, QB Eduardo Amaro under heat, tries to throw it away, but Klayton Fielding gets the offskie.

Klondike would score another touchdown, up 14-0 and we're still in the first. Cougars ball, Wyatt Tidwell gets the toss and call him Ben Affleck because he's Gone Baby Gone.

My friends back home have this rule in Madden, if you're down by 21 at the end of a quarter, the games called off.

 And this one would follow suit. Called game in the third, mercy rule 45-zip. Klondike shuts out Marfa.

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