Losing the Weight, Gaining New Life

Losing the Weight, Gaining New Life

We first introduced our viewers to Wayne Wagner in march, right after he had gastric bypass surgery.
MIDLAND -- Former Big 2 employee, Wayne Wagner set out one year ago to lose weight, but gain a new lifestyle. We first introduced our viewers to Wayne Wagner in March, right after he had gastric bypass surgery. At his heaviest, Wayne weighed 578 pounds. We recently checked back in with Wayne to see if he's still on track to lose almost 400 pounds by Christmas.

"Right now I'm sitting at 336 pounds. By the time I go in for the surgery. I should be under 300 pounds and then I'll lose another 60-70 pounds from just the skin," explains Wayne.

Wayne is scheduled for skin surgery to remove all the extra skin from his body.

Once the extra skin is gone, Wayne say's he'll be in a weight bracket he hasn't seen in years.

"I'm close to weighing less then I did my senior year in high school," says Wayne.

Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston performed Roux-En-Y gastric bypass surgery on Wayne, together they set a goal of losing 398 pounds by the end of 2013. Which would put Wayne at 195 pounds.

"It's tough, but I'm proud of the accomplishment," says Wayne.

Wayne says he's determined to make that goal, but admits he has lost the battle with his food addiction since the surgery.

"I fell off [the wagon]. I ate bad. I still lost 6 pounds in one month. Which, I still lost, but it should have been 15-20 pounds," explains Wayne.

Wayne says, one weak moment turned into a month of bad habits.

"It's a constant battle to not think about food, because I do. I followed that path, I started to cheat once. Well, it's okay I got that done. So, I did it again the next day, and the next day, and the next day," says Wayne.

As Wayne cheated on his diet, he says feelings of depression surfaced and he was mentally defeated.

"I wish I was back to the other way, but then I think about it. I really wasn't happy back then. And, I was constantly worried about dying and leaving my family early," explains Wayne.

With his will to live, stronger than his urge to eat Wayne says he was able to use his weak moment as motivation.

"It becomes the inspiration to not go back," says Wayne.

With his new found inspiration, Wayne and his wife Shelley are enjoying a new life together now that Wayne is more than 200 pounds lighter.

Statistically, Wayne's Doctor says without a support system in place, patients who have the Roux-en-y surgery are 25 percent more likely to gain all the weight back.

Along with hitting the treadmill, Wayne says he's becoming an active person once again.

My last appointment in Houston, I flew there and I walked all the way through Hobby International without shopping," says Wayne.

Wayne also picked up playing the guitar again and can go shopping with his wife.

"Happy now? Yeah. Extremely," says Wayne.

Wayne is scheduled again for the skin removal surgery, at the end of December. Once that is done and Wayne has reached his goal, he wants to set up a weight loss group in the Basin for support.

-- Here at Big 2, we wish you best of luck Wayne and look forward to seeing you at your High School weight again!!!
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