Locals React to the Looming Government Shutdown

Locals React to the Looming Government Shutdown

The federal government is behind on the budget process.
MIDLAND -- The federal government is behind on the budget process.

And with the house passing a budget plan that defunds the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the Senate will not pass the bill.

"They're not gonna pass a bill that defunds Obamacare. Republicans know that. But they're just grand standing to their far right and to their tea party," David Rosen, chairman of the Midland Texas Democratic Party.

Which may cause the government to shut down for several weeks.

Something Midland County Republican Chairman, James Beauchamp says no one wants.

"That's the inability of the sides not to come together and reach some sort of agreement but again, we haven't been reaching and agreement for the last 18 years," Beauchamp said.

And the us government shutting down will not only affect people at the national level, but at the local level as well.

"The impact will be terrible on the United States reputation as the country with the strongest economy in the world," said Rosen.

A long term effect that Beauchamp says will keep the nation in debt.

"It's the long term effect of continuing to spend money we don't have and not be able to pay it back and continue to operate in a very irresponsible manner," said Beauchamp.

"Countries that hold our bonds will start thinking twice about buying more of them and people who need funds from the government, social security, veterans benefits, all those kind of things that the government is known for, to help people, they'll stop," said Rosen.

All things Rosen says can happen if an agreement in congress isn't made

Rosen also says those employed by the federal government such as the local airport and the national weather service, may stop coming into work as they will not longer be getting paid...If the government shuts down.

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