The CAF's Headquarters May Be One Step Closer To Moving

The CAF's Headquarters May Be One Step Closer To Moving

The CAF unofficially has enough votes needed to enable its Board of Directors to choose where to relocate.
“It's the number one attraction for Midland, it’s really important for our community,” said Midland Mayor Wes Perry.

Midland Mayor Wes Perry tells us if the CAF headquarters does move, he hopes the attractions don't.

“If the headquarters moves, I just hope it's true what they are saying that it's seamless, we will not notice anything different, that's what my hope is,” said Wes Perry.

Everyone we spoke to likes some aspect of the C.A.F. in Midland.

"Seeing the airplanes," said Midlander Robert Miller.

"The bombers, the bombers," said Midlander, Teri Kilani

After hearing the headquarters may move one Midlander said he felt:

“Kinda said,” said Robert Miller.
He would hate to see the museum go.

“I think it's good for our community, it’s something for people to go do,” said Robert Miller.

Going to the CAF exhibits is like going back in time according to Adam St. Louis, who says future generations would miss out if the museum moved.

“It would be a bummer for future generations that wouldn’t get to see it and get to experience it every year,” said Odessan, Adam St. Louis.

But moving its headquarters to a more urban area wouldn't increase the C.A.F.'s exposure Teri Kilani told me.

“I think it would be a loss for Midland, a big loss, it’s a big income generator for the community and something people look forward to, and it’s been here for years, I would hate to see it go,” said Midlander Teri Kilani

Despite the recent unofficial vote, the C.A.F. headquarters is contracted to stay in Midland until 2017, Mayor Perry tells us he will hold them to that contract.  

“What I’m hoping is Midland gets what it needs to have, the museum, the Airsho, FiFi and all the things people really want to see,” said Wes Perry.

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