Train Tragedy Anniversary

Train Tragedy Anniversary

Today marks the infamous one year anniversary of the train tragedy in Midland and people are still feeling its effects.
Today marks the infamous 1 year anniversary of the train tragedy in Midland and people are still feeling its effects.

"It’s something that stays in your head, it's probably going to stay in my head for the rest of my life, I hope they don’t have the parade by here anymore," said, Midlander Rene Hernandez.


On November 15th 2012 Rene Hernandez and his son saw the train hit the truck and he tells us the mental images still affect his son.


“We saw some stuff I wouldn’t wish upon anyone seeing, it was pretty horrible,” said Hernandez.


The tragedy left a lasting impression on Rene Hernandez also. He works just feet away from where the accident happened.


“I try not to cross the railroad tracks, it scary, it’s a scary feeling,” said Hernandez.


Scott Moore was also there one year ago, and the images he remembers are frightening.


“A body trapped under the wheels of  the  flatbed that got hit, and there was a body laying right there on our curb I have never seen anything like it, and I don’t care to again,” said Scott Moore.


A vigil tonight marks the anniversary and honors the 4 who lost their lives and that's what Sandy Dunlap wanted.


“I wanted to do it to show not just the widows but to all the families, that we are still thinking about them and we will never forget,” said Midlander Sandy Dunlap.


Tonight is for everyone in the community Dunlap tells us, because the whole community was affected.


“So many other people were involved, you know, the first responders, the people that witnessed it, and hopefully it will give them a chance to heal as well,” said Midlander Sandy Dunlap.


People like Rene Hernandez and his son trying to heal.


“Yea we're going to attend a memorial and honor the people that died here at this railroad crossing,” said Hernandez.


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