The Heart of Christmas in Midland

The Heart of Christmas in Midland

One 13 year old girl is bringing Christmas early, to those who need it most.
"I have been doing charity since I was really small, so I really love the environment it puts me in," said The Heart of Christmas creator, Rhyanna Rivas.

Even as a teen, Rhyanna has already volunteered hundreds of hours, but this event is special for her.

"The patient should have the best holiday, Christmas as they can because you never know," said Rhyanna Rivas.

On December 5th Rhyanna plans to have an event called The Heart of Christmas, which will have 28 families get gifts from Santa.

"Were having it at Cinergy Cinemas instead of the hospital, because it puts the patient in more of a positive environment," said Rhyanna Rivas.

That’s because these patients are terminally ill children ages 2-18. 

Rhyanna made good friends with a terminally ill patient from last year’s event, which has driven her to work harder on this year’s event. 

"With the loss of Megan I think that it inspired Rhyanna to even want to do it more for her and for others," said Rhyanna’s mother, Gina Rivas.

Rhyanna even has a corporate sponsor, Robert Half Finance in Midland, which has helped both years.

"When you get to see these kids that don’t always have a great Christmas and they are going through so much with their cancer treatment, just seeing their faces and just watching them have a good Christmas, we had to do it again," said Robert Half Branch Manager, Lesley Donnell.

The Heart of Christmas doesn’t just help the patient either, it’s a family affair.

"We like to take the burden off the whole family versus just doing it for one child the family still has to do Christmas for the other children, so this way they don’t have to worry about it," said Gina Rivas.

"Cherish every moment because you never know when something can happen to them, but you have right now, and that’s all that really matters," said Rhyanna Rivas.
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