Homeless Trying To Tough Out Cold Nights

Homeless Trying To Tough Out Cold Nights

Being homeless is a tough situation, but it gets even worse when the temperature drops.
Being homeless is a tough situation, but it gets even worse when the temperature drops.

“The cold weather coming around, all it’s going to do is make us hurt and suffer and not all of us have what it takes to kill the pain. We don’t all have blankets, we don’t all have a place to be,” said Homeless Odessan, Hawk Palmour.

There is not much the homeless can do to get ready for the winter weather.

“Just cover up that’s all I can do,” said Homeless Odessan, Robert Keele.

“Just try to stay bundled up under our blankets the best we can. All we can really do is take it one day at a time,” said Hawk Palmour.

The cold affects Hawk Palmour in ways he says he didn’t even know were possible.

“It slows your metabolism down, literally it makes your body ache, all its going to do is enhance that pain and make it worse to the point where you can’t take it, it gets your heart to the point where you have to gasp for air like I am  now,” said Hawk Palmour.

Cold weather can be deadly.

“I died myself from walking pneumonia for 2 minutes on the table,” said Hawk Palmour.

“It gets so cold my walking pneumonia comes back in affect and I have to go to the hospital,” said Robert Keele.

One of Robert Keele’s doctors is amazed he’s still breathing.

“He said ‘how can you still be alive’, I said because I am a fighter, I am not a quitter” said Robert Keele.

Hawk Palmour has a job, but tells us the high rent in the Permian Basin makes it tough to find a place to live.

“All these people around here are taking too much advantage of the whole area, all because were in a big boom,” said Hawk Palmour.

Once you’re homeless it’s hard to get prepared to get a job Robert Keele tells me. 

“When you’re homeless you can’t take a shower, I am embarrassed to walk in places because I smell,” said Robert Keele.

Giving up is not in Keele's nature and he says he just needs a little bit of help.

“Help me get a shower, some clean clothes, a shave and a haircut so I can present myself to find a job,” said Robert Keele.

Both Keele and Palmour say they won’t be discourage by the cold weather, and will continue to do what it takes to find a home.

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